Contact Us

The Guidance Group Counseling's phone numbers:

Duluth   218-576-5757   or toll-free at 844-576-5757

Virginia   218-288-6001   or toll-free at 866-288-6001  

Ashland   715-979-5239   or toll-free at 833-239-2939

The Guidance Group Counseling's reception staff is generally available from 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  If you do not reach us directly, you may leave a general message to request a return call about scheduling an initial session or other matters. If you are calling to reach a particular staff, you will be able to select their extension from the automated voice menu.

Please feel free to leave a confidential voicemail message including your name, contact phone number, any details regarding the type of support you're looking for, and times when you can best be reached. The Guidance Group Counseling staff checks voicemail regularly and makes efforts to return calls as soon as possible, within one business day.

Toll-free Fax, Secure, available 24/7:

Duluth  844-576-5767  

Virginia  833-248-8484  

Ashland  833-239-2929  


For initial or general inquiries, you may reach The Guidance Group Counseling using the Contact Us Form at the bottom of each page.  

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