Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

What does “Neurodiversity Affirming” mean?

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We acknowledge that there are variations in human cognitive functioning that do not require “fixing.” We recognize the value and strengths of neurodivergent people and listen to their experiences.


Neurodivergent refers to those who have a less typical cognitive variation which can include Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other mental health diagnoses.


We understand that society is modeled after neurotypical brains and the traumatic impact it can have on individuals, including, but not limited to: school, friendships, communication, work, self-worth, and success.


We are anti-oppression and anti-ableist.

If you are interested in this modality, reach out to:

Jessica Ladner, MSW, LICSW


Jessica believes in the therapeutic relationship and recognizing a person’s strengths.  Art, creativity, and passions are highly encouraged.  Expected therapeutic approaches can include, but are not limited to, solution focused therapy, person-centered, Dialectical Behavior-Informed Treatment, Relationship-based treatment, and general geekery. She is committed to offering an affirming, anti-racist and anti-ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) practice. 

Jessica's specific professional areas of focus include:     

Autism/Neurodiversity     Emotional Regulation     Trauma     Depression     Anxiety     Family Support     Executive Functioning     Self-Compassion

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